JunkMatcher Howto: Main Index

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This is the starting page of JunkMatcher Howto: a series of short articles designed to help you make the best use of the filter. This is organized as follows:

  1. General: This section contains high-level descriptions of typical use cases of JunkMatcher. It also answers general questions about JunkMatcher and issues regarding spam.
  2. Installation: Anything related to installing/uninstalling JunkMatcher goes into this section.
  3. Settings: This section describes the available configuration options in JunkMatcher, except for the settings of Properties and Patterns themselves (below).
  4. Properties: This section describes settings available in all Property tests.
  5. Patterns: This section describes settings available in all Pattern tests. It also includes a tutorial and some tips on writing regular expressions.
  6. Log: This section describes how to make use of the Log function in JunkMatcher, including how to correct JunkMatcher's mistakes in classifying emails.
  7. Troubleshooting: This section documents some of the problems/bugs and their solutions/workaround (yes I wish I didn't have to add this section at all).

You can quickly navigate to a different section by using the links on the right side of every page. Clicking on the link "Index" will lead you back to this page, and clicking on the link "Main Site" will lead you to the main JunkMatcher site.

If you have any question that has not been clear in the Howto, you are welcome to send me your suggestion - but I reserve the right of choosing when to write it. :-) Or better yet, if you want to write one or two short paragraphs on tips using JunkMatcher, you are welcome to send me the writeup - I will then publish it (possibly with some editing) here and clearly mark that it is your contribution.